Product designer

Design thinking// Service design// User research// UI UX design

Hello! I am TzuYin, Chen (Jenny) recently graduated from University of the Arts London (UAL) MA service design. I was a UI designer in a healthcare start-up focusing on online doctor consultancies. At that time, I collaborated with engineers to maintain the design systems for our website and create social media context for the marketing team to promote our services for subscribers and media followers.

In MA service design, I worked in the cross-functional team with people from different backgrounds and local councils to tackle social issues. We utilize service design toolkits to analyze the problem and collect insights from users in order to create the design aligned with the user’s demands. Following my passion, I work on my dissertation on ethics in AI and how to drive an ethical conversation for the technology products. The work has been published in isITethical website and I am currently continuing my journey as a teaching assistant in UAL to teach students clustering research in ethics in AI by using design methodologies and theoretical frameworks.

I am originally from Taiwan, this is my second year in London and I really like the diverse society! If I am not working, I enjoy myself in the nature. I like hiking, bouldering, landscape sketching and portrait photography. etc.  If you are interested in knowing more about my works, feel free to contact me!

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